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Friday, December 29, 2017

2017-12-29 - Friday Whisper – Fog…

Last week, we had heavy fog on one morning… nothing could be seen from the window… I hesitated to go out but I checked the weathercast that said the fog will clear out during the day… yet my window showed nothing but white… So I told myself to proceed and see how it will go: in case I feel it is too dangerous, I would call my boss and tell him the situation.

So I left to work and started driving… I could hardly see up to 50 meters. But the more I move forward, I could see what was there on the next 50 meters. I kept moving until I got close to my destination where the fog disappeared completely and the sun came out.

You see, sometimes in life, an event would happen to us asking us to start a new journey, yet we hesitate as we can’t see where it is leading us. So some of us may decide not to jump, as we are afraid of what might come up, and it is better to stay safe at home. Some of us decide to take a chance and start the journey, not knowing what will come next, but staying vigilant and cautious to deal with any surprise… and sometimes the fog may fade sooner or later, or even stay the whole route till our destination… But if we decide not to drive, we might never know what is awaiting for us out there ….

The fog also has this kind of suspense, mystery and charm… it promises discoveries on the way, surprises- good or bad… Just keep in mind,  good opportunities come disguised as fogs of uncertainty… only driving thru it will clear it out…

Joseph Conrad, a Polish-British writer, said: “It is not the clear-sighted who rule the world. Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog.”

Take one 50 meters at a time, and keep going, the sun will come out…

Rania Hammoud, ACC,Life Coach
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