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Friday, August 23, 2013

2013-08-23 - Friday Whisper – Humanity…

I looked up the word “Humanity” in Wikipedia, it says:

“As a virtue, a set of strengths focused on tending and befriending others.
As a nature, psychological characteristics that members of the humans species have in common.”

I went further and looked up “Humans”:
“Humans are distinguished from other primates by their bipedal locomotion, and especially by their relatively larger brain which enable high levels of abstract reasoning, language, problem solving, and culture through social learning. Humans use tools to a much higher degree than any other animal”

Then I looked up “Reason”:
“Reason is the capacity for consciously making sense of things”

And “Consciously” led to:
“Consciousness is the state of being aware”

I tried to put all this together to understand what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Burma-Myanmar, Palestine, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia, India, Pakistan, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Philippines, Colombia, Yemen, Congo, Thailand, Mali and of course our famous Lebanon…

How can a “human” who belongs to “Humanity” install a car bomb and walk away…
Or how can a “human” who belongs to “Humanity” fire a chemical poison-gas chemical missile targeting civilians mostly children in their sleep…
Or how can a “human” who belongs to “Humanity” go after his co-citizen holding a cleaver to slaughter him…
Or how can a “human” who belongs to “Humanity” fire on his co-citizen for the stupidest reason that the other belongs to a different religion or political party or simply has a different point of view!

How does this “human” kill someone, no, more than someone, tens, hundreds, thousands of people, then go back, eats his meal and goes to sleep…How does his brain function? How does he rationalize his act??!!!

I know it is not that simple, and those murderers and killers are nothing but the tool of a greater criminal who is orchestrating all these massive massacres…

But this is only one half of the problem…the other half is how we fall for the trap and go after the murderers, or after whom we thought they did it, forgetting that the orchestrator wants us to kill each other… and we do it perfectly fine! We never bother to stop and think, who is benefiting from this continuous blood shed… because we are moved by our instinct of survival… just like animals!!! With one main difference, when the animal does it, it is because the danger is real!!!

If we only take one minute to stop and think before we express any anger or hate or insult toward the “other” and accuse impulsively whom we like to think they did it, with no ground of our accusation… If we only realize that by posting our hatred, specially on social media, we are reaching to more people than we think, and thus contributing in spreading the hate and feeding the anger… maybe then we might be able to counter-attack and defeat this monster that is eating us alive…

Maybe then we can ascend to the level of humanity again…

Rania Hammoud, Life Coach
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